Renovations underway at Sunshine House

Staff at Sunshine House in Scholes have begun work on reconstructing the building into a modern dance studio. The building, which is a centre for people to get together, is now undergoing a total change into becoming a dance studio for people who want to learn dance styles like street, ballet and tap dancing.

This project will allow new people to start a hobby and connect with people and make new friends. Pianos, Pies and Pirouettes is trying to break the stigma that only certain people can do certain things and show that anyone can do anything.

(New flooring in Sunshine House)

Sunshine house is currently being stripped of its wallpaper, furniture and flooring to make room for new decor. This project will completely change the interior of the building and make room for new and improved features. These new additions to the building include things such as brand new flooring all throughout the building for the perfect dance routine. In addition to all of these new features, there will also be large mirrors that will span all across the new modern dance studio.

The director, Alan Gregory announced that Pianos, Pies and Pirouettes would be opening up to the public on the 20th April 2024, however if you would like to reserve your spot then you can sign up today on the contact us page.

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